BaseballMania 15 week An exciting sweepstakes based on professional baseball!  
BaseballMania - 15 Week Game

BaseballMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional baseball. Sweepstakes participants can win $1,000s in cash prizes based on the number of runs scored by the baseball teams printed on the backs of their sweepstakes game cards. How the fundraiser works.

BaseballMania is super-simple to run. There is no inventory to manage or orders to fulfill, and it is great for any size organization. You earn 70% profit for every $20 CharityMania Ticket (i.e. the $20 in premium music downloads) that you sell.

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How It Works
How It Works
You sell CharityMania Tickets for $20 and keep 70% as profit. Ticket holders receive a great collection of digital music, and they are entered into a sweepstakes where they can win $1000s in prizes based on the baseball teams printed on their Game Cards. Full details…
Profit and Costs
Calculating your potential profit with BaseballMania is easy. For every $20 CharityMania Ticket you sell (i.e. the $20 in music downloads), you keep $14 as profit. You make 70% on every sale. It is that simple. See our detailed profit and costs.
Order Tickets
order tickets
BaseballMania begins on June 13, 2016. Make sure to order your tickets early enough to distribute and sell them before the sweepstakes begins. Give us a call at 888.909.9994 if you need more info. Otherwise, order your tickets now.
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Learn more about BaseballMania
  - How the fundraiser works (all the details)
  - Profit and costs
  - Video overview (2 minutes)
  - Print the brochure, fact sheet, or example ticket
  - How the finances work (PDF)
Ticket holders
  - See if your game card is a winner
  - Sweepstakes official rules
  What do our customers say about BaseballMania?
“We are so glad we found the BaseballMania fundraiser. We had so much success with BaseballMania this year, that it is now our only fundraiser. We look forward to using it again next year. We raised over $11,000 to help our teams maintain the diamonds, buy equipment and purchase uniforms. We were very happy!” —Jerseyville Little League Boosters, IL

“Our Rotary Club made as much money with the BaseballMania fundraiser as we did working FOUR long days in concessions at a major league baseball stadium! The tickets are so exciting that our members gladly promoted BaseballMania sweepstakes to get out of those long, hot days.” —East Alton Rotary Club, IL