Guaranteed Winners Program
Our popular Guaranteed Winners Program ensures your organization's highest scoring game card wins prize money. Read below for details.
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CharityMania’s Guaranteed Winners Program can make GolfMania even more fun for your organization and exciting for your ticket holders! The program ensures your organization has at least 2 winning game cards in each golf tournament during the GolfMania fundraiser. We have run this program now for all of our major fundraisers and it has been a great success. Not only has the program made the fundraisers more exciting for the game card holders, but it has been a great selling point for organizations when they promote the fundraiser to potential game card holders.

In the past, your organization may not have had a winning GolfMania game card simply due to the number of game cards you activated and the luck of the draw. With the Guaranteed Winners Program, CharityMania will ensure that your organization has at least one high-score winner and one low-score winner in each of the four GolfMania contests. In each contest, if your organization does not already have a low-score winning game card, then a $20 “Bonus Prize” will be awarded to your organization’s lowest scoring game card. Similarly, if you do not already have a high-score winner in any contest, then a $20 Bonus Prize winner will be awarded to your organization’s highest scoring game card.

Please note that the Guaranteed Winners Program is completely optional. If you choose to opt into the program, you will be charged an additional one-time flat fee based on the number of game cards you activate as of the GolfMania game card activation deadline (the day before the start of the Masters in April). This fee will cover a portion of the guaranteed minimum $160 total in prize money that will awarded to your game card holders. The fees are as follows:

Program Fee (in addition to the baseline $6.00 per activated game card)
300  game cards or more activated: No charge. The program is free
299  game cards activated: $1.77  total additional fee.
250  game cards activated: $3.54  total additional fee.
200  game cards activated: $7.10  total additional fee.
175  game cards activated: $9.99  total additional fee.
150  game cards activated: $14.02  total additional fee.
125  game cards activated: $19.61  total additional fee.
100  game cards activated: $27.33  total additional fee.
75  game cards activated: $37.98  total additional fee.
50  game cards activated: $52.60  total additional fee.

(You must activate at least 50 game cards to be eligible)