Read what The First Tee Chapters are saying
about our CharityMania Fundraisers!

“GolfMania was a fun way for our staff and coaches to connect with golfers and non-golfers throughout our state.  In our first year we successfully raised $4,800 for our chapter!  The ability to sell tickets online also makes it easy to sell to those who are out of the area.  CharityMania and their associates are well organized, and the online ticket portal makes it easy to track your tickets and who sold them.  We can’t wait to participate next year – this fundraiser is a HOLE-IN-ONE!”
Ashley Hamilton, Program Director – The First Tee of West Virginia

“Thank you to CharityMania for their support of The First Tee.  With their help over the past two years, we have been able to raise over $10,000 profit with very little effort by utilizing our board members to sell the GolfMania fundraiser tickets locally.  The end result has been fun to have our ticket holders engaged through golf’s four majors all while supporting charity!”
Andrew Lehman, Executive Director – The First Tee of the Quad Cities

“Our GolfMania appeal, “Play the Majors,” was great addition to our fundraising portfolio this year, raising more than $5,000. It’s a unique (fun!) way to engage golf fans in support of The First Tee mission and the CharityMania team makes it easy to execute.”
Gale Wallmark, Executive Director – The First Tee of Greater Cincinnati & No. Kentucky

“CharityMania is a simple and complete risk-free way to raise funds for your organization.  We were thrilled with our fundraiser results this past year!  Altogether we raised over $2,000 profit and our supporters had a blast playing along.  Their fundraisers are easy to run and are really a “no-brainer” for any Chapter looking to raise money.  CharityMania is dedicated to the success of each Chapter and we look forward to continuing our fundraising efforts with CharityMania this coming year!”
Ally Gorney, Executive Director – The First Tee of Idaho

“CharityMania’s GolfMania tickets were an incredible way for our Chapter to raise money for a DRIVE program. We knew that if we sold all 200 of our free GolfMania tickets, we could raise $2800 profit and supply a DRIVE program in our community. There was nothing to lose from it and it was an easy way for our board members to help raise money.”
Amanda Maze, Program Director – The First Tee of Mid-Michigan

“CharityMania is a fast and easy way to fundraise for your chapter! They have a great passion for The First Tee program and that shows through their amazing customer service and we look forward to continuing the effortless fundraising through CharityMania.”
Chris Murphy, Program Director – The First Tee of Fort Smith