10 Tips from CharityMania’s Top Performing Fundraisers

Topic: Tips and tricks on how to maximize revenue for your CharityMania fundraiser – tips from the pros

We asked some of the most successful schools fundraisers ($40,000+ in a single fundraiser) to open their play books on how they did it. Here are the best practices they used to win big with their fundraisers.

1. Set Your Goal

Having a specific amount you want to raise in mind is the first step to success. Define how much you need to raise and break it down so everyone in your school knows how many tickets they need to sell. Don’t be afraid to think big and be ambitious with your fundraising goal!

2. Train Your Ticket Sellers

As easy as it sounds, the most common thing top performers do is to simply train their volunteers to sell the promotional tickets. Just walking them through the details of how the tickets work, where to download music, and how to use e-tickets can help to set them up for success.

Many of the top schools either model how the sales conversation goes or provide a sales script. For more information, we’ve also put together simple fact sheets for each of our fundraisers and an in-depth guide to the whole program.

Pro tip: For FootballMania you can even break down the ticket price to make the offer more attractive – “with this $20 ticket, you are only paying $1.17 each week for each chance to win!”

3. Create Urgency

Everybody needs a deadline. Our top performing school fundraisers often put time limits on ticket sales to create a sense of urgency. When sellers have a few deadlines during the fundraising process by which they need to turn in their money and tickets stubs from their sales, it helps them to stay focused, motivated, and organized.

4. Inspire Competition

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. A pizza party for the class that sells the most tickets or a school t-shirt for the student that sells the most can do wonders to get everyone in the game and increase fundraising success.
To take it to the next level, some schools even offer competitions in different categories like who can sell the most paper tickets, e-tickets, or sell the most on Facebook.
Pro Tip: Invite top ticket sellers from the previous year to help train others and share their secrets.

5. Require Participation

Getting volunteer participation can be one of the biggest challenges for any fundraiser. If you can require everyone to participate, it helps unite everyone around the cause and reinforces the need to raise money.

6. Leverage CharityMania’s Flexibility

CharityMania offers six different fundraisers throughout the calendar year so you can choose the best one based on timing. Schools that raise the most money with CharityMania plan out their events, or even move other fundraising events, so they don’t overlap. If the big Family Fun Day fundraising event happens in the fall, you can use HoopsMania in the spring so you don’t overwhelm your donors with too many fundraisers all at once. Here’s a guide to the timing of each fundraiser:

FootballMania 17 Week – Early September
FootballMania College – Mid September
FootballMania 10 Week – Late October
FootballMania SuperMatch – Early February
HoopsMania – Mid March
BaseballMania 10 Week Spring – Early April
BaseballMania 10 Week Summer – Late July
HockeyMania – Mid December
GolfMania – Early April
MarketMania – Summer and Fall

7. Take Advantage of E-tickets

Many students have aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other friends and relatives in other parts of the country. The big fundraising winners used e-tickets, to make it easy for families to sell tickets well beyond the immediate geographic area.

8. Call the CharityMania Team

If you run into any issues or have any questions about CharityMania, just reach out and give us a call. We’re a family business and on a first name basis with many of our organizations. We’re always happy to help answer any questions you have or explain any aspect of our fundraisers further.

9. Relax, You Don’t Have to Know Sports!

Even the highest performing schools have to remind ticket buyers that no sports knowledge is required to participate. You buy the ticket, have the option to download music, and if you win the administrator of the fundraiser will let you know and send you a check. That’s it!

10. Start Small

FootballMania is the longest duration fundraiser we offer and runs for all 17 weeks of the professional football season.  It is by far our most popular fundraiser, but we do calculate winners each week and winners will need to be paid each week of the fundraiser.  Therefore, some of our top performing schools said they liked started off with HoopsMania to get their feet wet and go through the process when there was just one winner calculation at the end of the college basketball tournament.  Then, they felt like they knew the process and were set up for success when FootbalMania rolled around in the Fall.