FM-SM An exciting sweepstakes based on professional football!
Profits and Costs with FootballMania

Determining your profit with FootballMania is easy. To raise money, you sell CharityMania Tickets for $5 and keep 70% of the money you collect. Ticket holders receive $5 worth of premium digital music downloads (read why the music is important for this fundraiser), and they are entered into the FootballMania sweepstakes. Sell 10 tickets or 10,000 tickets... you make $3.50 on every ticket. It is really that simple.

You determine how many CharityMania tickets you need and then purchase them from us for 19¢ per ticket (to cover the printing costs) plus shipping and a $10 handling fee per order. You then sell each CharityMania ticket for $5. With each sale you pay $1.50 to CharityMania to cover the costs of the music downloads, the management of the sweepstakes, and any prize money your game cards may win. The remaining $3.50 is your profit! Sell 10 tickets or 10,000 tickets... you pay $1.50 for only those tickets you sell. View our Financial Flowchart for more details about payments and when they are made.

Profit comparison with other fundraisers

unique fundraisers
30 - 50%
Cookie dough may sound good to eat, but it doesn't make you much money in a fundraiser. Unless you sell a lot of tubs, you will keep as little as 30% of the money you collect.
Wrapping Paper
and Candles
unique fundraisers
Physical goods typically let you keep a little less than half of what you collect. Plus you need to deliver the purchased goods to the buyers. This can be a lot of work to coordinate.
unique fundraisers
20 - 40%
Magazine sales don't require inventory management (like cookie dough or physical goods), but the most you can profit is typically very low.
unique fundraisers
You keep 70% of the money you collect, no matter how many CharityMania tickets you sell. This makes it great for any size organization. Plus there is no inventory to manage.

Finance Chart