Ideas for fundraising activities based on your favorite sports
How do the CharityMania fundraisers work?
Some fundraising ideas may sound easy (like cookie dough or gift wrap sales), but actually require a lot of work (think of sales sheets, inventory, distribution). If you’re looking for easy fundraising ideas that don’t require so much of your time and energy, CharityMania has a fundraiser for you.

CharityMania sweepstakes are based on the excitement of your favorite sports. Winning tickets are based on the performance of sports teams, players, or drivers that are randomly assigned to each sweepstakes game card. Here’s how our simple fundraising ideas work:
CharityMania’s simple fundraising ideas are based on your favorite sports.
Choose a fundraiser that is right for you
CharityMania’s sweepstakes game cards help you sell digital entertainment packages.
Give away a sweepstakes game card with every item you sell
CharityMania ticket holders enjoy rooting for the teams, players and drivers they are randomly assigned.
Ticket holders root for the teams, players or drivers on their tickets
CharityMania calculates the winners – another feature that makes our fundraisers so easy.
CharityMania calculates the winning tickets
With simple fundraisers from CharityMania, you can earn thousands for your organization.
Your organization makes money!
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