An exciting sweepstakes based on professional football!
The FootballMania SuperMatch Sweepstakes
  • Win up to $5,000 during pro football's championship game!
  • Based on the popular "squares pool", match the scores and win!
  • Makes the big game even more fun to watch!
If you like football, you’ll love FootballMania SuperMatch! With each SuperMatch game card, you can win up to $5,000 in prize money by just sitting back and watching pro football's championship game. Based on the popular "squares" pool, match your numbers to the score at the end of each quarter in the big game and win! The more quarters that match, the more you win. It's that easy!
Each FootballMania game card is assigned 3 random teams playing in the professional football season.

The FootballMania SuperMatch sweepstakes is exciting and engaging for participants because each game card holder has a chance to win prize money based on the scoring of pro football's championship game. You'll get a new combination of numbers for each quarter of the game and if they match the last digit of the score of the game, you win! The more quarters you match, the more you win. Read more in the official rules.


You win prize money whenever the score of the football game at the end of the quarter ends with numbers that match those on your game card. The more quarters that end in a match with your game card, the more prize money you can win. Every game card is unique and, based on historical data, has an approximate 1 in 12 chance to win a prize. The day after the game is played, CharityMania calculates which game cards were winners and posts those winning game card numbers on the website, where you can see if you've won, even if you didn't get a chance to watch the game. Read more in the official rules.

Winners and Prize Money
All 4 quarters’ scores match your game card $5,000
Any 3 quarters match $500
Any 2 quarters match $50
Any 1 quarter matches $10

Track your game card and see if you are a winner!

You can enter your game card number on the CharityMania website at any point to see how many quarters you matched and how much prize money you've won!