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FM-17wk An exciting sweepstakes based on college basketball
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St. Gabriel Catholic School

The HoopsMania Campaign is one of many initiatives that the School must champion in order to keep our tuition rates competitive and affordable. As such, your help is needed to boost the ticket sales. Please activate your Electronic CharityMania Ticket today! and help meet our Goal.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Saint Gabriel Catholic School and best of luck on winning a prize.

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To raise money, we are conducting a HoopsMania fundraiser. For $10 you get music downloads at and an exciting, complimentary HoopsMania sweepstakes game card! Follow the links below to make your contribution and enter the sweepstakes. You have the chance to win up to $1,000 in prize money! Read below for more information about the HoopsMania sweepstakes, and the CharityStudio music downloads.

Thank you for your support!

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The HoopsMania Sweepstakes

49 chances to win!
You have a chance to win one of 4 grand prizes or 45 runner-up prizes during the college basketball championship tournament.
Add up your teams' points...
Winners are based on the total combined points scored by your teams.
Win up to $1,000!
You win if your set of teams have the most total combined points during the tournament.
HoopsMania is an exciting and engaging sweepstakes where participants can win prize money during the college national championship tournament. Your sweepstakes game card contains a set of 8 basketball teams, one of each seed from 1 to 8. Click here for more details.

Winning game cards are determined based on the total points scored by the teams assigned to it during the tournament. The 45 highest scoring game cards win prize money! The 4 lowest scoring game cards also win. Find more detailed information in the official rules.

The CharityStudio... Music Downloads for Charity

With your contribution you receive digital music downloads from the CharityStudio. Download music from up-and-coming artists from around the country who have teamed up to help charities and non-profit organizations raise money for good causes! We have music of all genres to appeal to everyone's taste. Listen to the music on any mp3 player (like your iPod)! Check out the entire catalog of music.

Here are some of the currently featured artists: Andrew Leahey (Indie Folk Rock), Boomer McLennan (Country), Christine Harazim (Indie Folk/Rock), Eden James (Alternative), Kari Kimmel (Pop), Kyshona Armstrong (Soul R&B), Red Empire (Rock), Jonah Gregory (Indie Rock).

Already have a ticket? Download your music now.

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