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This page contains some general information about our copyrights, trademarks, and how we operate as a sweepstakes provider.
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Music Downloads and Sweepstakes Game Cards
To raise money with a CharityMania fundraiser, you sell CharityMania Tickets that contain an access code that allows the buyer to download digital music from our CharityStudio. Beneath this ticket, a promotional sweepstakes game card gives the recipient a chance to win prize money.
Why sell music downloads? Why not just sell the Sweepstakes Game Cards?
There is a legal difference between a sweepstakes and a raffle. In a raffle, people pay money for a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win prizes. Only specific types of organizations can conduct a raffle and most states regulate how the raffles can operate. A sweepstakes is not a raffle. A sweepstakes is a promotion that provides extra incentive for people to buy a product that you are selling. The sweepstakes must have a ‘no purchase necessary’ method of entry. In a CharityMania fundraiser, the Sweepstakes Game Cards are for promotion only and are not sold directly. Every time someone buys a CharityMania Ticket, they purchase digital music downloads from our CharityStudio . The Sweepstakes Game Card is a promotion that provides a great extra incentive for a person to support your cause.

Our Sweepstakes Game Cards work much like the game pieces in the Monopoly sweepstakes at McDonalds. You can not buy a Monopoly game piece directly. Instead, you purchase things like hamburgers and drinks and receive the game pieces for free. The Monopoly game pieces are a promotion.
No purchase necessary sweepstakes
All CharityMania sweepstakes are “no purchase necessary”. If someone wants a free Sweepstakes Game Card, they can come to your organization and fill out a request form (provided by CharityMania) to get a free Game Card. They mail the completed request form to CharityMania along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and then we will mail the person a Game Card. We do not mail them the music download access code (because they are not paying). This process is very standard for all companies that conduct sweepstakes.
CharityMania LLC is a for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Delaware. We manage the back-office elements of sweepstakes, such as ticket printing, random drawings, rules drafting, and other administrative elements on behalf of participating non-profit organizations ("Charities"). Where necessary, CharityMania is registered with various state agencies as an administrator of charitable solicitations. All proceeds received by Charities relating to the sweepstakes are collected by the Charities themselves, who are solely responsible for all tax and charity reporting as required of 501(c)(3) corporations.
1. The Sweepstakes is a collection of a series of ongoing events, each with a designated Charity or Charities as sponsors. Administrator is responsible for creation of program, game cards, and sweepstakes rules. Charities are responsible for advertising and promoting the sweepstakes, collection and administration of all funds, and any and all tax reporting.
2. Generation of Game Cards: Prior to the start of each fundraiser, CharityMania, using a random number generator, creates randomly generated combinations of teams or drivers depending on the fundraiser (we call these the "Combinations"). See each fundraiser's official rules for details of how each ticket is created. Using a second random generator, each game card is assigned the Combinations. The assignments are then randomly distributed on the Game Cards.
3. Participation by Charities: Charities who wish to participate in a sweepstakes as a Sponsor must enter into an agreement with CharityMania prior to the start of the Sweepstakes Period. The Agreement allows CharityMania to manage the Sweepstakes.
4. Cost of Participation by Charities: Charities purchase the number of tickets they believe they will distribute during the Sweepstakes Period. The fixed per-ticket price charged to the Charities covers prize winnings and any and all costs associated with the oversight and running of the promotion.
5. Offering Game Cards: To raise money with a CharityMania fundraiser, Charities sell CharityMania Tickets that contain an access code that allows the buyer to download varying amounts of digital music (valued at or exceeding the price printed on the ticket) from our CharityStudio. Beneath this ticket, a promotional sweepstakes Game Card gives the recipient a chance to win prize money. Game cards are free to consumers (see the top of this page for more details). Entrants who prefer to enter a sweepstakes without paying the fee receive a Game Card only (they do not receive the digital music download access code). CharityMania does not offer game cards directly to consumers. The Charities offer the CharityMania tickets through the solicitation process of their choosing (door-to-door, charity events, telephone solicitation) and according to the charitable solicitation laws of a particular state.
6. Game Card Architecture: Each game card provides multiple chances to win. See each fundraiser's official rules for details about the number of chances to win, odds of winning, and prize money amounts, and drawing dates. A single game card is all that is necessary to enter each of the drawings during the Sweepstakes Period. Entrants who receive a ticket after the Sweepstakes Period may not be eligible for all drawings. See official rules for each game for details.
7. Generation of Winners: Each game card contains one randomly generated Combination per contest (a contest duration is one week for FootballMania, BaseballMania, and HockeyMania; in HoopsMania, the contest duration is for the entire college post season basketball tournament; in RacingMania, each contest is for the race specified on the ticket; and for GolfMania, each contest is for one of pro golf’s 4 major championship tournaments). At the end of any given contest, entrants tally up the points scored for each team, driver, or golfer in the Combination, regardless of whether the team has won. If the total number of points for the Combination is among the highest or lowest Combinations for that contest, then the Entrant wins a prize. See the official rules for each sweepstakes for details regarding which tickets win prize (i.e. how high your Game Card needs to score relative to all other Game Cards in order to win a prize). Entrants may check with the Charity from which they purchased a ticket to determine winning status or they may check their game card on the CharityMania website.
All content on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, and images, is the property of CharityMania and is protected by United States copyright laws. All software and services used on this site are the property of CharityMania and protected by United States and international copyright laws.
CharityMania, and all other marks indicated on this site, including but not limited to FootballMania, HoopsMania, BaseballMania, and RacingMania, are registered trademarks of CharityMania and are on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These trademarks and other trade dress found on the site may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not CharityMania's, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits CharityMania.