Customer Success Stories

Over 2000 organizations across the country! Here are few…

For nearly 20 years, CharityMania has helped organizations of all types and sizes raise money and build community involvement. We have done this by providing inexpensive, easy-to-manage fundraisers that are profitable and fun to play. The following success stories will give you an idea of how our unique, sweepstakes based fundraisers have helped all types of non-profit organizations exceed their fundraising goals.

Youth sports teams and leagues

One of our customers, a youth baseball league in Florida, needed to raise $20,000 to repair their baseball fields and buy new equipment. Their athletic committee all agreed that their baseball fields were in need of repair, their teams needed new equipment, and practicing under the lights at night was becoming cost prohibitive. In these tough economic times, the athletic committee couldn’t ask the league for money, so they began researching different little league fundraising ideas to help offset their sports operation costs. They ended up choosing BaseballMania to raise the money they needed.The safety of the baseball players in the league was the athletic committee’s main priority. Raising money to practice at night would have to wait until next year. So they looked for unique sports fundraising options to raise money for new athletic equipment and to repair their weathered baseball fields.

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Churches and youth groups

A catholic church and school just outside of Chicago was growing too large for the portable building that they used for all youth activities. So the church decided it was finally time to build the youth group their own activities center and they began researching different fundraising ideas that would help them accomplish their goal.

Considering the scale of the project, the church and youth group needed to look for unique and profitable fundraisers that could expand their fundraising reach outside their immediate area. They estimated it would take about $50,000 to begin construction. They would not only need to ask for contributions from their entire Catholic church and school network, but they would also need to raise money within their greater community to begin the expansion. Read how FootballMania helped them reach their goals.

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Schools of all sizes

Due to the recent budget cuts in education in California, an elementary school in Los Angeles was worried about having enough money in their school budget to continue funding their music and art programs. In the past, music and art have traditionally been the first programs cut during a school budget crisis. So a group of dedicated parents began working with the PTO to research some school fundraising ideas that would help keep the music playing and the artists drawing at their school.

Based on last year’s budget figures, they estimated that it would take about $4,000 to keep the programs going for the entire year. Read how the PTO and the parents used HoopsMania to exceed their fundraising goals.

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