An exciting sweepstakes based on college hoops!
The HoopsMania Sweepstakes
  • Over $2,000 in prize money! 75 different ways to win with each game card!
  • Enjoy the excitement of your office “bracket pool” without the stress of picking teams!
  • Have fun while supporting a good cause!
Do you enjoy college basketball’s national championship tournament, but you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed filling out a “bracket” for your office pool? If so, HoopsMania is for you! When you have a HoopsMania game card, you can win up to $500 in prize money by just sitting back, watching the games, and rooting for the teams printed on your game card. The more points your teams score in the tournament, the better chance you have to win one of the top 70 prizes! If your teams don't perform very well, the bottom 5 game cards also win. This sweepstakes makes the tournament exciting for even the most casual fan!
sample HoopsMania ticket

In this Edition of HoopsMania, each game card holder is assigned 8 teams (2 teams from each region) that will play in college basketball's national championship tournament in March. Each game card has a 1 through 8 seed so all game card combinations have a great chance of winning. When the basketball tournament begins in March, game card holders simply add up the points scored by the teams printed on the HoopsMania game card. The more total combined points the teams score, the better chance a game card has to win a prize!

At the end of the tournament, prizes are awarded to the 70 game cards whose teams score the most total combined points throughout the tournament. The top 3 scoring game cards are awarded a Grand Prize; the next 67 top scoring game cards each win a Runner-Up Prize. Prizes are also awarded to the 5 game cards with the lowest total combined points. See below for complete prizes or view the HoopsMania official rules for more details. Read the official rules for more details.


There are 1,440 unique game cards, each of which has an equal 1 in 19 chance to win a prize. Prize money amounts can be seen in the table below.

HoopsMania Prizes
Grand Prize #1
Game Card with the highest 8-team combined total points scored
Grand Prize #2
Second highest total combined score
Grand Prize #3
Third highest total combined score
Runner-Up Prizes
Awarded to the next 67 highest scoring game cards (i.e. the 4th thru 70th highest total combined scores)
Low Score Grand Prize
Game card with the lowest 8-team combined total points scored
Low Score Runner-Up Prizes
Awarded to the next 4 lowest scoring game cards (i.e. the 2nd thru 5th lowest total combined scores)
Total prizes paid per contest $2,270
Track your game card and see if you are a winner!

Once you have your game card, you can track your game card's score at any time to see how well you are doing. There are two easy ways to do this. Option 1: just enter your game card number on the CharityMania website; Option 2: download our free HoopsMania mobile app (search for 'CharityMania' in the App Store or Google Play store) and play along.