Sell Electronic CharityMania Tickets

As a customer, you can sell both paper and electronic CharityMania tickets. We create a personalized web page for your organization that allows people to buy CharityMania tickets online and support your organization. Electronic CharityMania tickets help you raise money from people that are located outside your immediate geographic area. See below for details about how the program works and how you can use popular online tools, such as email and Facebook, to promote your cause.

A working example, the Alzheimer’s Association

The CharityMania team has a special cause that we support every year. We support the Alzheimer’s Association through personal donations and through our own CharityMania fundraiser. If you would like to see a working example of a fundraising web page (and electronic ticket sales), view our Alzheimer’s Association fundraising web page… and consider making a donation to this great cause!

eTicket Program Costs

FREE to Participate!
There is no cost to participate in the eTicket Program. You make the same profit per ticket sold as if you sold a paper ticket when the buyer chooses to pay the credit card processing fee (about 98% of all buyers choose to cover the credit card fees).

Sell electronic CharityMania tickets online in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Activate your personalized fundraising web page

In minutes, you can activate your organization’s personalized fundraising web page that allows you to promote your cause online. People who want to support your organization can purchase tickets with just a few clicks and a credit card. You track your progress with the fundraising thermometer on your web page.

Step 2: Promote your cause to people across the country

When you sell electronic CharityMania tickets (in addition to your paper tickets), you can raise money from people who do not live in your local community. Ticket sellers can take advantage of popular tools like email and Facebook to promote your cause to 1,000s of friends and family, no matter where they live. Direct your supporters to your fundraising web page (see step 1) where they can contribute to your cause with their credit card. People who support your cause get a CharityMania Ticket and a promotional Sweepstakes Game Card (see next step for ticket details).

Step 3: Supporters print out their tickets at home

Electronic CharityMania tickets offer all the same benefits as paper tickets. The only difference is that they are delivered with email and are printed out at home. They are the easiest way to raise money from people that don’t live in your local community. You’ll never need to mail paper tickets across the country again!