How Our Fundraisers Work

CharityMania’s unique sweepstakes fundraisers are based on the excitement of professional and college sports. You sell CharityMania Tickets to raise money and keep 70% as profit. Ticket holders receive a great collection of digital music, and they are entered into a sweepstakes where they can win $1000s in cash prizes based on the results of the sports teams printed on their Sweepstakes Game Cards. Check out our unique sweepstakes fundraisers below that are based on your favorite sports!

Fundraisers in a few simple steps!

Watch the video or select a step to expand for more info

Watch our overview video or select a step below to expand it and view the details.

1. Order tickets
Pay only for printing and shipping at this time.
2. Sell tickets – keep 70%
Sell 1 ticket or 10,000. You keep 70% of the money you collect.
3. Pay your invoice – 30%
Pay only for the tickets you sell. If you don’t sell a ticket, you don’t pay for it.

4. Winners get paid $$$!
We calculate the winning game cards and work with you to pay the winners.

CharityMania Ticket and Game Card Details

Any organization can raise between $500 to $50,000 with our wildly profitable, raffle-like fundraisers
based on the excitement of professional and college sports.

Fundraiser finances made super simple

A $20 FootballMania ticket example

Big profits on every ticket you sell!

Determining your profit with FootballMania is easy. To raise money, you sell CharityMania Tickets for $20 and keep 70% of the money you collect. Ticket holders receive $20 worth of premium digital music downloads (read why the music is important for this fundraiser in the next section), and they are entered into the FootballMania sweepstakes. Sell 10 tickets or 10,000 tickets… you make $14 on every ticket. It is really that simple.

CharityStudio Music Downloads

Music Downloads and Sweepstakes Game Cards… a winning combination!

To raise money, you sell CharityMania Tickets (prices between $5 and $25 per ticket) and keep 70% of the money you collect. The CharityMania Ticket (i.e. the stub at the top) contains an access code that allows the buyer to download a fantastic set of digital music from our CharityStudio site. Beneath this ticket, a promotional sweepstakes game card gives the recipient a chance to win $1000s in prize money! Check out all of our unique fundraisers based on your favorite sports.

Why sell music downloads? Why not just use the Sweepstakes Game Cards?

There is a legal difference between a sweepstakes and raffle. With a raffle, people pay money for a ticket that gives them a chance to win prizes. Only specific types of organizations can conduct a raffle and most states regulate how the raffles can operate. A sweepstakes is not a raffle. A sweepstakes is a promotion that provides extra incentive for people to buy a product that you are selling. The sweepstakes must have a ‘no purchase necessary’ method of entry. In a CharityMania fundraiser, the Sweepstakes Game Cards are promotion only and are not sold directly. Every time someone buys a CharityMania Ticket, they purchase over $5 to $25 worth of premium music downloads (depending on the price of the CharityMania ticket) from our CharityStudio. The Sweepstakes Game Card is a promotion that provides a great extra incentive for a person to support your cause.

Legally, our Sweepstakes Game Cards work much like the game pieces in the Monopoly sweepstakes® at McDonald’s®. You cannot buy a Monopoly game piece directly. Instead, you purchase things like hamburgers and drinks and receive the game pieces for free. The Monopoly game pieces are promotion.

No purchase necessary sweepstakes

All CharityMania sweepstakes are “no purchase necessary”. If someone wants a free Sweepstakes Game Card, they can come to your organization and fill out a request form (provided by CharityMania) to get a free Game Card. They mail their completed request to CharityMania along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and then we will mail the person a Game Card. We do not mail them the music download access code (because they are not paying). This process is very standard for all companies that conduct sweepstakes.

Managing your fundraiser could not be easier!

Everything you need… all in our intuitive, easy-to-use Fundraiser Manager

CharityMania provides you with a password protected website that allows you to manage every aspect of your fundraiser. Our intuitive tools will help you organize your ticket sellers, track your ticket sales, pay your invoice, and coordinate prize money payments to your winners.

Our customers tell us that CharityMania fundraisers are the simplest, easiest fundraisers they have ever run. You just sell tickets and our helpful web tools will pretty much do everything else for you!

Track your ticket sales with just a click

When you sell your CharityMania tickets, you collect the ticket stubs from your sellers and store the stubs in a safe place. You will then “activate” each sold ticket by simply putting a checkmark next to each sold ticket number in the Fundraiser Manager. This tells us which tickets have been sold and which associated game cards to activate. We use this information to create your invoice and to know which game cards to include in the prize money calculations. You can activate the tickets as you go or all at once before the fundraiser begins. The process is super simple!

Fundraiser finances at your fingertips

With the CharityMania Fundraiser Manager, you have access to all of your fundraiser’s important financial information. You’ll know how much you’ve made and how much you owe. You can view your invoice and pay it electronically for the ultimate in convenience and tracking. Invoices are sent out after the start of the fundraiser. You are not billed until this time. You don’t pay anything until the fundraiser starts!

Throughout the fundraiser, CharityMania will calculate winning game cards and pay you the prize money so you can distribute it to your winning card holders. The Fundraiser Manager allows you to track which of your game cards are winners so you know who will receive prize money.

How the Games Work – 2 Minute Videos

18 Week Game – Our Most Popular!

Learn how our most popular fundraiser, FootballMania, works. This is a great video to learn how the game is played. Complete details

College Game

Is your town wild about college football? Check out our FootballMania College Edition fundraiser. Complete details

BaseballMania – 10 Week Game

Learn how the BaseballMania sweepstakes cards work in this short video. There is also a $10 version of this fundraiser. Complete details

HoopsMania ($10)

Click on this great video to learn how our $10 HoopsMania fundraiser works. Also available at $20 and $5. Complete details

10 Week Game – Especially Great for Schools

Our 10 Week Game is great option for organizations who need more time selling tickets, such as schools. Complete details

SuperMatch $5, Squares Pool-like game

Our super squares pool-like game is based on pro football’s championship game. A fantastic add-on or standalone fundraiser. Complete details


Learn how our GolfMania fundraiser works. This is a great video to learn how the game is played. Complete details


Hockey fans will love our HockeyMania fundraiser. Watch the video to learn about the game. Complete details

Fundraiser Calendar

Ticket availability and deadlines

Tickets for our fundraisers are available months before the games begin. Make sure to order your tickets early enough so you have time to sell them before the games begin.

Brochures and Fact Sheets

Printable overview documents for your next meeting

CharityMania Fundraiser Information Brochure (PDF)

This is a great document to print out and share at your next meeting to discuss why a CharityMania fundraiser would be right for your organization. It includes all the pertinent information about our fundraiser and how they work. You can also include the Fact Sheets from the next section for the specific fundraisers you are interested in.

Fundraiser Fact Sheets and Example Tickets (PDF)

These one-page sheets are great for organizers who need to discuss the fundraiser with people who are not familiar with CharityMania fundraisers. The fact sheets contains all the important facts about the fundraiser. We recommend that you print out the overall CharityMania brochure, and then the fact sheet and example ticket (below) for every fundraiser that you plan to discuss.

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