CharityMania’s Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this fundraiser legal?

We have had extensive legal assistance in creating our fundraisers so that they are legal in all 50 states.  Our fundraisers are governed federally by the interstate commerce commission, since they are a sweepstakes promoting our music downloads.  They do not fall under the state gaming commissions, as they are not a game of chance, because of the no purchase necessary to participate.  Since people are really purchasing the music downloads, there is no exchange of funds for the sweepstakes portion of the fundraiser.  The sweepstakes is simply the incentive for people to make the purchase of the music downloads.  Please feel free to visit the legal page on our website for more information.

How do I explain the program to my fundraising committee?

CharityMania fundraisers earn 70% on every sale no matter how much you sell. This is much higher than most fundraisers out there. Your students would sell CharityMania tickets for $10 or $20 dollars. Each CharityMania ticket comes with an access code for music downloads as well as an exciting sweepstakes game card where the ticket holder can win money based on the sports teams listed on their game card. For most of our fundraisers, including FootballMania and BaseballMania, the ticket holder gets to play along for many different weeks from the one time ticket purchase.

Do you need to be a certified non-profit organization to utilize a CharityMania fundraiser?

An organization does not need to be a certified or registered non-profit to use a CharityMania fundraiser, however the organization must fall under what we call a ‘non-profit umbrella’, as is the case with most youth/adult sports, education, academic/sports booster, or religious type organizations.

Can an individual use CharityMania to raise money?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any one individual to use our fundraisers to raise money.  If there was a grouping of individuals from within an organization, with the backing of the organization, that would like to use the fundraiser to raise money, then that would be acceptable.

How do I know this will work for my organization?

CharityMania has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country who have been wildly successful with our fundraisers. They have found that they can raise more money with less work with our unique fundraisers that people actually enjoy. Organizations often tell us that they’re able to reach new audiences who may be sports fans or just want an easy way to support the organization.

What is the cost to get started?

We print tickets in blocks of 100 with 100 tickets being the minimum order.  You will pay upfront for the ticket printing via credit card during the signup process.  The ticket printing charge is $0.19 per ticket + a $10 printer set up fee + the cost of shipping.

What if I don’t sell all my tickets?

One great benefit to our fundraisers is that there is no minimum number of tickets you need to activate/sell in order to conduct the fundraiser.  At the start of the fundraiser is when you will be invoiced the fee for each ticket you have activated on the website.  No money is due prior to that time and you are not charged for any of your unactivated tickets.  Therefore, the only financial risk involved with the fundraiser is just the upfront ticket printing charge.

Can we return and get a refund on our unsold tickets?

For any of our fundraisers, after the final ticket activation deadline, you may simply discard any of your unactivated/unsold tickets.  You do not need to return them to CharityMania.  You also do not get a refund for them, just because they have already been customized with your organization’s name on them and can’t be used again.

How do our sold tickets get activated?

Each seller needs to collect the money and the ticket stubs from each sale they make.  The money and stubs are to be turned into the organizer of the fundraiser.  The organizer of the fundraiser is then responsible for activating the ticket numbers of all the stubs they have received back from their ticket sellers.  They will activate these tickets by logging into their fundraiser management account on the website, putting a simple checkmark next to the ticket numbers they want to activate, and hitting the save button.  That’s it!

Who are we competing against each week?

As is the case with all of our fundraisers, every game card holder that purchases a ticket is competing against all the unique game cards in the fundraiser.  For example, there are 4960 unique cards in our FootballMania fundraisers.  Winners are calculated each week from among all these 4960 unique tickets (so, not just from your organization unless of course you purchased and sold an entire block of 4960 tickets).  Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many tickets your organization (or any organization) purchases from us or sells, every game card holder has the same odds of winning because they are all competing against the same 4960 unique game card combinations in the fundraiser.

What is involved with the management of the fundraiser?

You will be responsible for handing out your tickets to your sellers, collecting the money and sold ticket stubs back from your sellers, activating those ticket numbers on the website and then paying out your winners each week (or at the end) of the fundraiser.  Even for our largest organizations, one or two people have been able to efficiently and effectively manage the fundraiser.

When do we need to have all our sold tickets activated?

The deadline to activate your sold tickets on the website is usually the day before the fundraiser begins.

How and when do we pay for our activated/sold tickets?

At the start of the fundraiser is when you will be invoiced the fee for each ticket you have activated on the website.  Your invoice will be posted to your account on the website and you can pay this with an electronic or paper check.  No money is due prior to that time.

How do winners get paid?

We pay all our organizations directly for any prize money associated with their winning activated game cards each week of the fundraiser (or at the end of certain fundraisers), and they will in turn pay their winning game card holders directly.  We will electronically credit whatever account an organization has on file with the prize money and the organization is then responsible for paying out their winning game card holders directly.  We tell organizations what ticket numbers were winners and they will cross reference those numbers to the stubs they maintain and keep on file so they know whom to pay.